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L-lysine widly use in feed
China news about L-lysine widly use in feed

L-Lysine (feed grade) is the most important nutrient element in animal's growth,it is wildly used in animal feed as additive.Lysine supplementatin in monogastric feeds represents thus a simple, effective nd accurate way of adjusting lysine contet to animal requirements in order to optimize the technico-economic results of the production. l-lusine also allows limitng the use of protein-bound lysine whch is contained in vegetable proein such as soybean meal; this in turn reduces dietary crude protein levels and redeuces nitrogen excretion from animal hsbandry in the environment.. Moreover, as L-lysine is 100% digestible , its utilization by the animal is far greater than that of protein-bound lysine from vegetable proteins. Therefore,L-lysine is the leading amino acid used in both pig and poultry feeds with regards to quantity and frequency of supplementation.Its use is also common in feeds for rabbits and pre-ruminant calves and it is quickly developing in fish feeds, aquaculture and pet.L-lysine is more and more popular in the animal feed area.

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